Back to Paradise

With participation of Vasili Bogachev, Pavel Kiselev, Jamilia Yasinskaya
A Girl, black cloth, 75-gram trinitrotoluene block (16 pieces), primer cap (16 pieces), electrical conductor, battery 12V, scotch tape, canvas belt, switch.
Moscow 2003-2004
- Sam Brook Gallery, Moscow, 2003
- Art Moscow, Central House of Artists, 2004
  Axis of Evil, Columbia College Chicago, Glass Curtain Gallery, 2005

From the media:
Arguments and Facts, June 2004
"...The modern artists were very glad to see as usual nudes, so especial nudes who apparently shall include numerous ragged corpses and pieces of sliced as noodle manikins. The company of conceptualists of Sergey Denisov and Ivan Kolesnikov connects these two nudes by a kind of a bridge with their photowork "Back to Paradise". A Naked shahidka. Of the clothes she has only the like belt and handkerchief on. The hand is on the pushbutton. Just push it and there will be a heap of corpses. Which was to be proved". 

"Express Gazeta"
"...But most of all the beholders imagination was struck by a naked shahidka with dynamite around her waist...especially the Americans were interested in this artwork. And now on their request the Russian shahidka will fly to America to the similar exhibition. More importantly! The photo so hit fancy that the Yankeesare planning to print the naked die-hard on a post stamp. One thing isunclear what for: for a esthetic delight or terrify the Americans in the street".

Magazine "Profil" 
"...Generally, the works which do not induce deja-vu may be counted on onehand. Undoubtedly, it is "Shahidka" ("Back to Paradise") by Sergey Denisov and Ivan Kolesnikov and "Ideal Landscape" by Valeri Koshlyakov created a couple of years ago".

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