Social marking

Programm "So. Ma." (Social marking)
"The society that does not differentiate the trousersby color is doomed".
A quotation from the movie "Kin-Dza-Dza"
"Art Moscow" exhibition, Moscow 2003
“SoMa program” – Social Marking, 2005, printing,metal, 150X150
Project of York Graphic Design agency

Kolesnikov/Denisov, Jamilia Yasinskaya, Pavel Kisilev.

The project sets itself a task to single out, formalize, hierarchize and visualize the social and archetype of "New" Russia. In is evident that the process of the population social stratification by formularevenues-expenses has entered thephase of its completion and stabilization. In сonnection with this it is time to comprehend and fix this new status qua prevailing in thecountry. However the things are complicated by the fact that New Russian Hierarchy grown upon the ruins of Democratic Centralism and trying to get the indulgence oflegitimacy comes across a stubborn resistance of the separategroups of the society itself which do not wish to live by the terms dictated bythis hierarchysystem. How to find a compromise? The authors of the projectpropose to bring toterms the both parties by formulating, visualizing andassigning the namesand signs to the representatives of social groups not onlyby the principleof their welfare but taking into consideration the affiliationof an individual to a confession in the mostbroad understanding of thisexpression which willallow his carrier to experience due to it the sense ofsocial satisfaction. Tothis effect the authors of the project propose tovisualize verbal notions selected to that end and use them for markingindividuals who reached a certain age withthe subsequent
demonstration (voluntary or on authorities’ request) of thismarking in the societyand this will reduce the time for social identification and eliminate unnecessary social and sexual rituals.
The first 100 citizens who were proposed to take partin the experiment under the name "Program So.Ma." paid attention toit. The authors are sure that the rest 145 199900 Russian citizen swill answer a call to voluntary "identifythemselves socially". 
And then upon approbation and introduction of the improvements in thesense of the universal globalism intothe Program and its approval by respective international organizations to extendthe action of the Program on all mankind. This undoubtedly will result inmankind’s ordered stateand as a consequenceaccelerate the movemen to betterlife.
“SoMa program” – Social Marking, 2005, printing, metal, 150X150

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