Tsushima. Martyrology

Tsu-shima. Martyrology
The project is dedicated to the tragic date in Russia’s history - the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Tsu-shima 
(14-15 May, 1905)

The authors of the idea, curators and participants of the project: Kolesnikov/Denisov, Jamilia Yasinskaya
The author and text writer: the doctor of history, Captain Dmitri Fillippovih 
The photographer: Alexei Rodionov

The following persons tookpart in the project:
Konstantin Batynkov, Maxim Bashev, Andrei Biljo, Vasili Bogachev, Ruslan Vashkevich, Gennadi Vetrov, Alexander Denisov, Sergey Denisov, Vyacheslav Kozlov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Nikolai Kraschin, Victor Loukin, Svetlana Malysheva, Alexei Morozov, Sergey Naumov, Alexander Nozhkin, Sergey Nomerkov, Anatoliy Orlov, Boris Proudnikov, Fillip Roukavishnikov, Vitas Stasunas, Yuriy Fesenko, Victor Tsukerman, Vladimir Chaika, Victor Cherenov, Dmitri Shaghin, Jamilia Yasinskaya
Tsu-shima are the islands inthe Korean strait in the vicinity of which on May 14-15 (27-28) May, 1905 one of the biggest in the history of the 20th century sea battle was fought between the Russian fleet (under Vice Admiral Z.P. Rozhestvensky) and the Japanese fleet (under Admiral H.Togo). This battle in which the victory was won by the Japanese fleet that had not only numerical superiority but also advantage ingunnery, armor protection and speed, was the epilogue to the whole Russo-Japanese war. On August 23 (September 5) in Portsmouth, USA, a peacetreaty was signed which considerably reduced Russia’s geopolitical influence in the Far East.  
The Russian fleet’s losses inthe Tsu-shima battle constituted:
6 squadron battleships
1 costal battleship
3 armoured cruisers 
1 auxiliary cruiser
5 destroyers
3 auxiliary ships.
The following warships werecaptured:
2 squadron battleships
2 coastal battleships
1 squadron destroyers
2 auxiliary ships
Victor Loukin

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